MCA Coding Checklist

IIMS approved surveyors can perform MCA coding work

IIMS approved surveyors can perform MCA coding work

IIMS CA Examiners operate in accordance with IIMS procedures under contract and annual audit by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency when performing MCA coding work.

It is the boat owner or vessel operator’s responsibility to choose an appropriate surveyor to conduct the MCA coding survey. IIMS can help you choose one if required, but you will contract with the surveyor directly for the provision of coding services and pay him/or her for their work and time. You will pay IIMS separately for your licence and administration fee.

When contacted by a boat owner, or managing agent for a vessel requiring MCA coding, the IIMS CA Examiner will assist with the first step, the completion of an SCV1 Form for registration with the IIMS Certifying Authority. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the vessel owner to present it in a code compliant condition.

Here is an example checklist of what typically will happen:
• The Owner Managing Agent forwards the SCV1 plus relevant fee to the IIMS Certifying Authority.
• The instructed IIMS CA Examiner will discuss the requirements of the owner and advise on what will be required on the vessel.
• The IIMS CA Examiner attends the vessel and fills out the SCV2 form; it is possible that the vessel will not be ready on the first visit. A list of outstanding works will be given to the owner in readiness for a second visit.
• The IIMS CA Examiner will inspect the vessel out of the water.
• The IIMS CA Examiner may wish to carry out a heel test.
• It is possible that the IIMS CA Examiner may have to revisit the vessel to clear outstanding items.
• The IIMS CA Examiner will forward the SCV2 to the IIMS for checking and scrutineering.

When all is in order and the relevant fees have been paid to the surveyor and the IIMS, the certificate will be issued by the IIMS Certifying Authority.

An initial certificate valid for five years will be issued, but this is subject to an annual inspection to maintain currency. Annual inspections can be self-certified, although the mid-term examination must be carried out by an IIMS CA Examiner. The IIMS CA Examiner will explain the system during the inspection.

What to do next
To discuss any matter regarding MCA coding please call David Parsons in the IIMS Certifying Authority department on + 44 (0) 23 92 313014 – 225 (EXT) or email David.

Click to download the SCV1 and get started: IIMS-SCV1-November-2015